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Goals of Spearhead 

The main intention of Spearhead is to unite all owners and collectors of old military vehicles and its accessories in order to restore and maintain them.The purpose is to give the membres the opportunity to practice their favorite hobby. The club organises targetted activitities and participates in manifestations arranged by allied-clubs such as : official commemorations, historical tours, exhibitions, exchange marts. Spearhead also has the intention to join all persons interested in common military history. She organizes study tours, exhibitions, lectures and offers a truthful survey of military actions and events. The club activities are not whatsoever para-military minded, on the contrary they are , in all means, family friendly and have an historical spirit.



The membership fee for Belgium is 30 € a year, starting on January, 1 st.For other European countries : 40 €.

Membership is possible by transferring the amount on following Spearhead account:
IBAN BE1575122530 and BIC AXABBE22
mentioning : “fee + name + correct address”.
The fee can also be paid in cash to one of the members of the board.

On any given moment of the year one can become a member. The membership runs from January, 1st till December, 31st. By joining in the first half of the year - you pay 30 € (40 €); you receive all the magazines. When becoming a member after July, 1st - you pay 15 € (20 €); you will obtain all the items published after July, 1st. However, when you would like to receive all the items, you must still pay the 30 € (40 €) after all,

SPEARHEAD is connected to the BFOV. This allows the members to enter into an “oldtimer” insurance against a fair price.


Monthly Meetings

Every member is welcome at the monthly meeting.